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I am Summer Bloyer

Speech Language Pathologist, Clinical Trauma Specialist, Cognitive Retraining Specialist, Accelerated Evolution Life Coach.

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Are You Ready For a Change?

  • As your Accelerated Evolution Coach, I provide comprehensive services to guide and help you feel the confidence and support you need to overcome your challenges and be the greatest version of the highest vision of yourself. Since 2015, I’ve worked with clients and patients in order to achieve optimal emotion and physical health and balance. Get in touch to learn more and take a critical step in your health and wellbeing.

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Let’s Work Together

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Not everyone has the same needs. In fact, it’s hard to find two people who benefit from the exact same approach to health! We will use wellness, therapeutic, coaching and spiritual technology to develop a personalized coaching program for a soul makeover.


As a practicing Speech Language Pathologist, Clinical Trauma Specialist, Cognitive Training Specialist and Accelerated Evolution Coach, I have seen first hand the power of the collective experience in healing.  Let's explore this meaningful, deep modality as we learn and grow together.


With years of experience, I’ve slowly begun incorporating different strategies into my practice as a medical and educational professional. During these sessions, you will earn continuing education credits to integrate into your own practice as you benefit personally from each session.

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“The counseling I received from Summer was life altering and here’s why. It wasn’t just a quick fix bandaid... it was the application of learning life long skills of mediation, acceptance, healing & hope. Life is a journey for all of us... but it doesn’t have to burden us. Letting go of things I didn’t even know that existed not only helped me with my physical and mental health but also open myself up more to my life than I thought possible. I found myself not only reevaluating my purposes... but more readily accepting the fluidity of the challenges that are the roller coaster of life. I highly recommend you take the opportunity for her workshops. It’s the best gift I’ve given myself in a long time.”


Phoenix, Arizona

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At an hourly rate, coaching or therapy is scheduled as needed.
At your pace, we work through whatever comes up for you physically, emotionally and spiritually.


12 Week Soul Revolution

12 weeks to a total life makeover.  This is an intensive program specifically designed for you and your goals using spiritual technology processes as well as forward facing trauma therapy for a powerful, life-changing, retraining of the brain and evolution of the soul.


Continuing Education Course Approved

Trauma Informed Approaches to Healing:
This course is a 6 week intensive for medical professionals, counselors/therapists, and body workers as well as the lay person who has a background in Trauma.  This Trauma I course explores the connection between Trauma and the Brain; Trauma and the Body and Healing Modalities.
9 CE hours approved through NCBTMB

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